8 Worst Things Tech Interns Ever Made

August 4, 2014 Entertainment

What is the most catastrophic mistake made by an intern at a tech company?

Former interns at at Facebook, Microsoft and AIG fess up about the disasters they caused on Quora, a wonderful question-and-answer web site.

kinkoo-phone-charger1. I trolled Mark Zuckerberg’s wife while I was interning at Facebook.

11383036669.jpg_w6002. In my first high school coding job, I burned down the entire office, displaced 100+ people, and destroyed lots of files, records, artwork, and a lot of the CEO’s memorabilia.

21383036671.jpg_w6003. It was my second year in university and I worked for a local ISP as a junior system administrator. I typed “poweroff” on a wrong server and shut down the core router of our city-wide network, so that our whole banking infrastructure was down for 30+ min.

31383036671.jpg_w6004. I sat at the MySQL console, and deleted 80,000 lines of code with a single keystroke.

41383036674.jpg_w6005. An intern product manager at NetApp threatened to mutilate one of his company’s customers.

51383036676.jpg_w6006. This intern’s confession is brief: “Plugging out the main server in order to plug in my phone charger.”

61383036679.jpg_w6007. Because of a question, I got a CEO to retire.

71383036681.jpg_w6008. My officemate was busted stealing Microsoft’s new user interface for Microsoft Exchange.

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