15 Wonderful Smartphone Chargers You Might Not Have Seen Before

If you ever experienced the pains of dying smartphone at mid-day, you would like these wonderful smartphone chargers below that this post gives you. They all are stylish and eco-friendly, keep your smartphones battery alive, and some might be ones that you have never seen before in your life.

Electree. This ‘bonsai’ is not just for house decoration, but also to recharge your smartphone using light. [$455.93]

1-portable-phone-chargerSoccket. Play soccer and store energy during game play. After the game, use the ball to connect and charge up your USB devices. [$99.00]

2-smart-phone-charger14Solar Sunflower. Put it near your window while working and enjoying free energy courtesy of the Sun. [$79.00]

3-solar-sunflower-introEpiphany onE Puck. Whether you’re having hot or cold drinks, you can enjoy them while charging your smartphone with this sleek portable gadget. [$115.00]

4-epiphany-one-puckHYmini. An all-in-one power generator which stores energy from a wall plug, renewable DC input, wind power and sunlight. [$49.99]

5-hyminiBikeCharge. Install this dynamo system to your bike and let your cycling charge up your phone! [$99.99]

6-bikechargeCampStove. Away from the electricity grid when out for camping? Charge your smartphone with this thermoelectric device as it turns heat to electricity. [$129.95]

7-smartphone-chargersSolarmonkey Adventurer. Here’s an award-winning solar charger, fit for adventurers. [$111.05]

8-smart-phone-charger11Ray Solar Charger. Perfect use for travels as it can capture the maximum amount of sunlight while stuck on a window to charge up your smartphone. [$39.99]

9-smartphone-chargers-20Energizer Dual Inductive Charger. Wireless charging for all Qi-enabled devices (there’s a charging case you can get for your smartphone to enable this) with large charging zones. [$89.00]

10-energizer-dual-inductive-chargerKinkoo Portable Phone Charger. Here comes a versatile universal portable phone charger that is designed to be used on the go and to provide enough power that you make through the busiest day. [$69.90]

11-kinkoo-portable-phone-chargerPOP. A portable energy solution that charges multiple devices at the same time. [$99.00 – $179.00]

12-popEverpurse. For those who have the habit of keeping their phones in their purse, this is the best charger you will ever need. [$189.00 – $600.00]

13-EverpurseBrightBox. Perfect solution for restaurant or pub owners to help charge their customers’ phones. Users need a card to open the chamber so it’s 100% secure. [$2 – $3 Per Transaction]

14-BrightBoxInStep NanoPower. Walk or run to produce energy source for your smartphone. Time to put all that running in the gym to good use for your phone.