4 Essential Tools For Big Fans of Travel



Whether you’re on a road trip or heading on a long-haul, transatlantic flight, you’ll need these essential tech gadgets to keep you connected, productive, organized, and entertained.

Media Drive

1212102621If the trip took 52 hours door-to-door, including a 6 hour flight delay. How did you stay sane? Maybe you can try loading large quantities of HD movies onto Media Drive.

The Media Drive is essentially an external hard disk for a smartphone or tablet. It connects via wifi, which means you can’t be online and connected to the Media Drive at the same time. But it also means that connection is fast — faster than BlueTooth and without the occasionally messy pairing. The wifi network is created by the Media Drive itself, so you don’t need an internet connection to make it work.

Portable Charger

2102644Portable charger for Samsung, iphone,ipad can challenge for tech-loving travelers. Fortunately, the infinite one of Kinkoo is up to the task. It uses breakthrough rechargeable A+ class lithium polymer battery with real 8,000mAh capacity, — enough to fully charge an iPad once or charge the typical smartphone more than three times. So the best bulit portable charger with enough juice is definitely the  indispensable part during our trip.

Multi-Tool Adaptor

31212102706At your first glance,it is a pocket knife? No, Instead of a blade, toothpick and non-functioning pair of scissors, what folds out of a Multi-Tool Adaptor is a USB, mini-USB, micro-USB and iPhone plug! Use it to charge and synchronize your mobile devices exactly as you would cables.

The Multi-Tool also works as an iPhone or iPod stand in both portrait and landscape mode. Plus there’s a little compartment for holding spare SIM cards. Very cool.

 Built-in Mic

212102727The headphones are cumbersome to travel with. The headphones, the case and all other accoutrements seem to weigh a ton and occupy half a carry-on.

Built-in mic active noise cancelling earbuds will shut out sound from airplane engines, road traffic and loud neighbors while playing your movies and music with the same audio clarity as the over-ear model. Plus, the built-in mic can work as a remote for your smartphone!