5 Key Tips To Know When Buying The Best Backup Portable Charger

kinkoo-backup-portable-charger-5In the mobile world we live in, we often find ourselves out and about, stuck with the dreaded red battery logo. It’s no surprise that the most useful and important gadget of them all has got to be a backup portable charger. But the problem is that in this market, there is a plethora to choose from that come in all shapes, sizes and for every use known to man. So how do you know what’s good when buying a backup portable charger?

Here are 5 key tips.

1. Capacity – Bigger Is Always Better

The most obvious spec to a backup portable charger is capacity, which is measured in mAh and often ranges from a very diminutive 2,000mAh to a massive 20,000mAh brick. In this case, get the highest mAh backup portable charger you can afford, it’s always better to have extra juice rather than run out mid-charge! So when choosing it, you should definitely get one that has a larger capacity than your devices.

For example, if you have an iPhone 5S with the 1570mAh capacity, and if you get this Kinkoo Infinite One 8000mAh portable backup battery charger, you will be able to charge the phone from empty to full about 4.5 times give or take.

powerful capacity2. Ampere output –Determine Charging Speed

Most of time, backup portable charger will come with 1 output port and this USB port will be rated at 1A output. But what if you need to charge your iPad? Unfortunately at 1A, you’re not likely able to charge your iPad. If your portable charger is higher at 2.1A for use like the Infinite One, you can charge anything you have a cable for!

3. Quality & Price

Batteries can explode, and the one measure to prevent it is to buy from reliable brand. To allay such fears, some makers will tell you (usually on the packaging) what battery cell they use: Li-ion battery or Li-polymer battery.

So while that $20 brand-less portable charger sounds like a great deal compared to another one that costs three times as much, we really recommend not going for the cheapest option. Because it’s often impossible to know if it cuts any corners with protection mechanisms in order to achieve the low price.

slim design4. Portability

One most important reason of buying a backup charger is that it is portable and will charge your device. While you get one with a higher capacity, keep in mind that this usually also means that it’s bigger and heavier.

And in fact, no one likes to carry a brick in the bag all day long (generally, the weight under 220 grams is suitable), especially in travels, sports, shopping or work time.

5. After-sale Service

Good and high-quality backup portable charger is commonly followed with good after-sale service. This is a way for the company to build good trust and repeat order. Make sure you have good warranty, repair service, and unit replacement when something goes wrong not because of your mistake.

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