5 Tech related travel Questions and answers.



You can either travel or read,but either your body or soul must be on the way. Here are 5 tech related travel question and answers from a famous traveller. It cover a wide range of topics- security, apps, staying connected and many more. Let’s check now.

Is a laptop or a tablet preferable when blogging/working from the road?
For working/blogging travelers, I don’t recommend a tablet – go for a laptop or a hybrid device instead. Given you can pick up a good laptop or hybrid that weighs 2-3lbs for under $1000, the time and hassle you’ll save is worth the extra few hundred bucks. I don’t suggest a Chromebook for working from the road, however – even the better ones suffer from app limitations similar to tablets, need a decent Internet connection to be truly useful, and have little built-in storage. My current recommendations for laptops and hybrids are here.

What suggestions do you have for protecting your information while using Wi-Fi at hostels, cafes, etc? 
You should absolutely be using a VPN and anti-virus software. I have AVG Free on my laptop, phone and tablet. As far as VPN goes, I’ve used Witopia for a few years now and been happy with it. Tunnelbear is another good option that includes a basic free plan. If you travel with multiple devices, just make sure that whatever VPN you use will work on all of them (ideally, simultaneously). Here’s much more on data security for travellers. 


What are your top 5 travelling apps that really help you save time and money?
Top five… hmm, that’s tough! Let’s go with Tripit (accommodation and transport bookings all in one place), Here Maps  (the best offline maps software I’ve found), Triposo (free, detailed travel guides), Google Translate  (translates text, voice and photos) and XE Currency  (know the exchange rate when negotiating prices). Even better, they all work partially or completely while offline.

What’s one gadget you can’t leave home without?
As boring as it sounds, it has to be my smartphone (a Nexus 5). I’ll use at least the camera and a navigation app every day on the road. What’s more, there is another one, power bank, which keep my mobile phone always alive.

What do you use to charge your laptop while flying?
If there isn’t power available onboard, I turn the brightness down, keep it in flight mode and work until the battery runs out. However, there are portable batteries that can charge a laptop.