7 Really Cool Photography Gadgets for Your New Smartphone

As these days we take more and more pictures with our phone than the decent DSLR, it’s pretty sure that we’ll need a more elegant solution to documenting the action to preserve and share the good times, whether it’s an exotic destination or a camping trip.

So take a look at these gadgets below, you may find one or two gadgets that could really improve the shooting capabilities of your smartphone.

1. The Glif+ ($30): This minimalist stand is exactly what you need to be able to mount your iPhone on a full-size tripod. It’s extra secure and clamps your iPhone in place, so no need to worry even during daring shoots.Glif

2. The iPhone Scuba Suit ($60): A waterproof case for your most used camera – your phone. Use it in the pool, at the beach or on a water slide!scuba-suit

3. The Lens Dial ($249): This pro quality system makes switching lenses and effects a breeze while packing some serious optical punch. The aluminum jacket even has two built in tripod mounts for either portrait or landscape images.Lens-Dial

4. The Infinite One Backup Battery Charger ($69.9): Power any USB connected device with a reliable 8000mAh capacity. It’s a lifesaver for long days spent outside in nature, at festivals or anywhere without a power outlet.Kinkoo-Backup-Battery-Charger-1

5. The ZoomIt SD Memory Card Connector ($59): A clever accessory allows you to view, access and share all of your photos from your SD cards on the go without the need to connect to your camera, Mac or PC.684d4ecd

6. The iPhone Cable Trigger ($23): Shoot from afar with this film-themed shutter release, with a retractable cable that extends up to 30 inches.Cable-Trigger

7. The iPhone Lens Wallet ($75): A clever clutch designed to carry an arsenal of cell phone lenses. From macro to telephoto and wide angle to fisheye, you can make your vision come true with nothing but this fully stocked wallet.