8 Awesome Movie Gadgets We Hope To Own

Everyone hopes to own some gadgets that make our life cooler, funner, and easier. Imagine all the awesome movie gadgets from futuristic flicks—including Star Wars, Iron Man 3 and more, some are pure fantasy, but others could conceivably exist one day. Anyhow, we can always hold out hope, and here are a few of the futuristic movie gadgets we want as soon as possible. Get on.

Rolling Ball 3D Projector, Iron Man 3

Kinkoo-Rolling-Ball-3-D-Projector-Iron-Man-3Aldrich Killian tosses some metal spheres on a table and suddenly we can look inside his brain. Pepper Potts appears to be impressed. Micro-sized projectors are widely available these days, with several companies offering them in smartphone attachment form, so we’re more than halfway there.

Lightsaber, Star Wars

lightsaberFuturistic plasma sword, is available in assorted colors. Unfortunately for the aspiring Jedi, the blueprints for a real-life lightsaber are a little far fetched. A beam made of plasma would likely melt, while one made of light would hardly slice through paper, let alone Darth Vader.

Neuralyzer, Men In Black

neuralizerStick that erases hours to years of a target’s memory. Well, you can have a neuralyzer of your very own for a cool $400, just on a prop replica.

Flux Capacitor, Back to the Future

flux-capacitorKey ingredient in an automobile-based time machine. In order to create a wormhole, a time traveler must extract every drop of energy from a star or black hole. Once that’s tackled, dive on in and hope it stays open long enough for you to return to reality. Good luck, Einstein.

High-tech Voicemail, Iron Man 3

pepper-potts-iron-man-maskAfter the assault on his Malibu mansion, Tony lets Pepper know he’s OK via the mask of one of his Iron Man suits. That is, like, way cooler than an emoticon-laden text message. Well, the new iPhone 5S came out today—we’ll get back to you when we’re done with it.

Proton Pack, Ghostbusters

MSDGHOS EC037Particle accelerator charged with protons that attracts negative energy. Sci-fi nerds can spend months souping up their Jansports, but trusting that your backpack can capture a ghost is more fiction than reality.

Transporter, Star Trek

transporter-star-trekA tube that sends you to another world in a jiffy. The physical power it would take to scan, destroy, transport and rebuild a human being from molecules is highly unrealistic.

Dream Machine, Inception

INCEPTIONBriefcase that networks dream states to alter perceptions of reality. Science has come close to being able to read your mind with medical EEG and FMRI machines, but diving into others’ dreams and reconstructing subconscious brain activity is a dream in itself.