8 Essential iPhone 6 Accessories to Buy

Smartphone is a highly personal device, and the iPhone 6 is no exception. Here is the list of 8 accessories we can’t live without, to protect the beautiful phone and to get the most out of your new iPhone 6.

1. Aerb Tempered Glass iPhone 6 Screen Protector

Aerb-2Nothing lessens an iPhone user’s enjoyment more than a scratched screen. Some iPhone 6 cases come with a flimsy plastic screen protector. They’re better than nothing, but they can’t hold a candle to a tempered glass screen protector. This screen protector from Aerb is durable and rugged, and it’s a mere 0.2 mm thick. It also boasts bubble free installation.

2. iPhone 6 Protective Case

BestAppleiPhone6CasesCollection-OtterboxPLUSIt’s hard for one person to recommend a case to another since there are so many to choose from, and people like different styles, from rugged cases to a minimalistic case. The former keeps it safe even if a person drops it from a tank while the latter will only protect it in a pocket, purse or from short drops at home or work. Here what we recommend is Serious Protection Rugged Case – OtterBox Cases starting at $49.90 on up to $69.90.

3. Beats urBeats In-Ear Headphones

Kinkoo-iphone-external-battery-charger-headphoneNow that Beats and Apple have a closer relationship, more and more iPhone owners are thinking about getting a pair of Beats headphones. There are tons of headphone and earbud style options to consider from the Beats line, but these in-ear headphones are a pretty solid option. If you dislike either the quality or the fit of the Apple earbuds that came with your phone, these are a good replacement.

4. Kinkoo Lightning Cable

Kinkoo Lightning CableYou can never have too many charging cables, but we particularly like this third party Lightning cable because it’s quite long, making it much more convenient to use in rooms or outside. Having a four feet cable really is a nice perk, since you’ll have more range of motion while you’re charging.

5. Automatic

71nfisd8wql-_sl1500_Automatic is the best iPhone accessory you’ve never heard of. This little box syncs with both your iPhone and your car’s onboard computer system, allowing you unprecedented access to your car’s driving information. Automatic can help you save money on gas by analyzing your driving habits. Additionally, Automatic can help diagnose what your “check engine” light means.

6. Infinite One 8000mAh iPhone External Battery Charger

Kinkoo-iphone-external-battery-chargerThis iPhone external battery pack will enable you to keep your iPhone 6 working during your longest days at work or at school. Who doesn’t need more juice? Pros:

• Also supports iPad, iPod, Android phones, Kindle, and Gopro camera, making this great to share with fellow cyclists;

• Attractive, ergonomic design;

• Study construction designed to prevent damage if dropped

• 8000mAh capacity (enough to charge an iPhone 4 times)

7. Tripod Mount for Photography

joby_griptight_mount_iphone_olloThe Joby Grip Tight tripod mount and stand works great as a tripod for the awesome iPhone 6 camera. The holder folds down so that it takes up very little room, making it a great accessory to carry around in your pocket all the time. Unscrew the holder from the tripod and screw it onto any regular photography tripod to use the phone for serious photography.

Most of the time the Grip Tight holds the iPhone 6 to watch videos. This makes it a versatile accessory.

8. Apple TV

apple-tv-adThe $99 Apple TV may not seem like an accessory for the iPhone 6 Plus, but it is.

Hook an Apple TV up to a TV or projector, via HDMI. Serious audiophiles can use the optical audio output to pump awesome sound through their high-end stereo system.

The Apple TV streams video from the Internet to the TV. Get content from Apple’s iTunes store, Netflix, hulu Plus, HBO Go, ESPN and more. Apple’s always adding content.