8 Really Cool But Impractical Ways to Charge Your Phone

Kinkoo-power-bank-phone-chargerTrue creativity knows no bounds. As well all know, smartphones get awful battery life. Especially when not every one travelling outside has a backup power bank phone charger, any way to give your devices a quick energy boost will be quite precious. Maybe not every idea is a winner, but they are feasible in technology, after all. Here is a list.

Battery dead? Urine luck!

bateriaResearchers from England’s University of Bristol and Bristol Robotics Laboratory have found a way to convert your pee into an electrical charge, using bacteria grown on carbon fiber anodes, placed inside ceramic cylinders. While it may not be the most hygienic way to charge your phone at least you’ll be able to justify getting pissed off whenever your phone dies.

Give it some Coke

nokiaphone21China-based designer Daizi Zheng came up with a way to use pop to power a Nokia phone, provided the device was modified to include a chemical board capable of converting carbohydrates and sugar into energy. Interesting concept, but hopefully your phone’s warranty covers electronic diabetes.

Wear lingerie like this, and resistance will be futile

brassiereWe’re not sure the person behind this concept, introduced by Triumph International Japan Ltd, has seen lingerie ladies like to wear, but for the most part they pick the ones without wires, connectors, and massive solar panels. And it needs to be exposed to the sunlight to work, so really, exhibitionists need only apply.

Recharge with your sixth-grade toy

iyo02Besides it goes up and down, a Swedish designer, Peter Thuvander, gave the yo-yo a real purpose in life: charging a phone. The idea was simple: playing with the yo-yo charges a small battery inside; afterward, just plug in your device via USB and power up. But ultimately, the device didn’t take off on account of everyone gets bored with it after about three minutes.

Angry? Here’s your outlet

shutterstock_44216920-625x1000A dead cell phone, especially at an inopportune moment, you may end in yelling. Researchers at South Korea’s SungkyunkwanUniversity found a way to convert the noise into energy. Of course, it’s beyond impractical. The average charger sends about four volts into a battery, so its just 3950 millivolts shy of its first target, and the din would have to continue for several hours.

Get hot, juice up that phone

recharge-bagUtilizing a person’s body heat, which is converted into electricity using thermoelectric material, the folks at Vodafone are introducing these super-charged sleeping bags at outdoor festivals throughout the summer. But don’t expect too much, 8 hours of snuggling up to your phone at night will give you a mere 24 minutes of talk time.

You’re winding me up

charger-your-mobile-phone-with-handsYou know that rush you get when you’re fishing, get a bite, and have to reel ‘er in? The Roto Charger is a concept that came out a couple years ago. It creates energy by mimicking a fishing reel. What’s your reward for a solid minute of avid cranking? A whopping three minutes of talk time.

A fruity idea

oranges-charging-iphoneWhen life hands you lemons … spend your day attaching wires to them. There are hundreds of videos floating around on YouTube showing you how to charge mobile devices with a battery made from fruits or vegetables.

But it is pretty useless, when you do it at home.