Do They Actually Extend Battery Life? As Test Shows,They Most Certainly Do Not

Kinkoo-iPad-external-batteryWhen it comes to iPad battery life, no one likes to be in the middle of doing something, only to have the batteries go dead. Except iPad external battery, we’re still constantly looking for new and better ways to extend it, but which is really useful, we have no idea, actually. Below is a side-by-side test for pilots and typical general aviation uses, but still has a lot of reference value for us iPad/iPhone/gadget users. Have a look.

The took two non-Retina display iPad Minis that were purchased on the same day and loaded them with the latest version of iOS.

ipad batteryIn test 1, one iPad had only ForeFlight open, while the other had ForeFlight open and 15 other apps in the background. Results showed that the iPad with multiple apps in the background had no difference in battery life versus the one with only ForeFlight. This really makes sense. Because those apps in the background are not running, they are in a frozen state, and most use no power at all until you bring them forward as the active app.

In test 2, one iPad had screen brightness turned up to maximum and the other had screen brightness turned down to about 50%. Both iPads were running only ForeFlight. Results were much more noticeable. Maximum screen brightness reduced battery life by about 25% compared to the iPad with screen brightness at half power. The takeaway is clear: screen brightness matters, and you should set it to the lowest level you can stand if you need full iPad battery life.

In reality, there are dozens of variables that affect battery life. But except screen brightness, using wireless connections (WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G/LTE cellular) also clearly reduces battery life, in the neighborhood of 30%. LTE in particular takes a lot of juice to connect to cell towers, and some apps may try to update with the data connection.

Other things can make a difference too, but not nearly as much as the two . These include keeping your tablet as close to room temperature as you can help. In the end, you should get at least 4 hours out of your iPad battery, which is enough for most flights. With a newer battery and with smart management, that number can be extended to 6 or 8 hours.

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