Amazing! Smart Tech Helps You Perk Up Plants' Health

Don’t have a green thumb? New smart accessory can help you.



As we know, plants have needs, but we often forget to water them, or set our flowers in sunlight or nourish our veggies with quality soil, now there’s a new smart accessory and smartphone app to perk up our plants’ health.

Parrot Flower Power is a small accessory we place into the soil near our indoor or outdoor plants. Use the companion app to connect up to 256 of the accessories to our smartphones or tablets, and get push notifications that tell us when the plants need water, temperature adjustments, sunlight and more. “You will never have an issue where your plant is not watered again,” says its researcher.

The app also houses a library of over 7,000 plants, so we can get the dirt on all our plants’ needs and characteristics.