Those Awesome Gadgets You Didn't Know Could Work With Kinkoo Portable Charger

Smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, portable gaming devices, e-readers…There’s nothing more satisfying knowing you can charge so many devices with just a portable charger, not worrying if they are going dead. But beyond that, here are some really awesome USB gadgets that you may have not known about.

1. Steripen Water Sterilizer

Steripen Water SterilizerWhen you’re thirsty, out in the wilderness and have no source of pure drinking water, the SteriPen Water Sterilizer would be the go-to item to have in a pinch. It’s fast, compact, light weight, and can be recharged with our Kinkoo portable charger! Its high-intensity UV light kills 99.9 percent of all bacterial viruses and parasites in just a few seconds.

2. Mini USB-Powered Cigarette Lighter

Mini USB-Powered Cigarette LighterSmoke harms the health, but if you’re going to do it anyways, just try this rechargeable USB lighter. You can get a flameless, wind-proof light for your cigarette, and no need to worry about topping up with lighter fuel or replacing worn-out batteries. You just plug this into any USB portable charger, and it will quickly go back to full life.

3. Sony Digital Recording Binoculars

Sony Digital Recording BinocularsThis is probably the coolest USB gadget that could be charged with a Kinkoo portable charger. Spend hours taking close-up footage of birds and wild animals, and when you run out of batteries, pull out a Kinkoo portable charger until you finally capture that rare bigfoot species.

4. EcoXBT Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Kinkoo-portable-charger-bluetooth-speakersEver wanted to listen to some tunes at the creek, at the beach, or near a river? Now you can with this waterproof portable speaker, it’s also dustproof and shockproof, and can never be knocked over as it self-rights itself every time. Connect wirelessly to your smartphone, and when you need to, plug it in to a Kinkoo portable charger to keep the tunes going!

5. iNova T3R LED Flashlight

iNova T3R LED FlashlightThere’s nothing more useful than a flashlight, when you’re out camping or just any where out in the wilderness, stick one in an emergency kit or a glove compartment incase you need it. And any rechargeable LED flashlight in the marketplace with a USB connection can charge with our Kinkoo portable chargers.