Why battery sucks? Save it

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The strong desire of external chargers is mainly to keep gadgets last for days untethered. A investigation in 2012 said that the battery life, compared with other features, contributed to dissatisfaction among smartphone buyers. Today, this situation still seems unchanged, when most of the smartphone can only browse the web for 8 hours before dying…on WiFi.


At first, it seems like the blame lies with smartphone manufacturers. Why not their engineers choose the battery with big capacity? The truth, though, is more nuanced: the lithium-ion batteries in almost all devices today haven’t radically changed since they came out 23 years ago. This lengthy stagnation has forced companies to compromise on smartphone size, battery life, or both. Either a device like a phone can be thin, or it can get decent battery life. Improved battery designs lie on the horizon, but will they ever hit the market?


How Batteries Work

The lithium-ion cells becoming the dominant source of power in portable devices. Because, They’re much more energy dense than the alternatives, for one, but also relatively maintenance-free. Unlike other batteries, they don’t require discharge, don’t have memory, don’t experience cell-killing sulfation build-up, and contain fewer toxic metals than most other batteries. But, a big problem is ,they are limited in chiefly energy density. If you want great battery life, you’ll have to compromise on size.


The batteries of the future are coming, slowly

There are better batteries coming, ideas from past and nowadays. Scientists spent lots of time and money on the new design of battery. But the barrier to market for new designs is so severe that device companies like Apple, Google, and Dyson have begun working directly with battery firms to accelerate development. But in the absence of any significant breakthroughs, hardware and software makers have developed workarounds of their own to address our intense desire for longer-lasting smartphones, tablets, electric cars, and laptops.
Anyway, some battery improvements are already happening, we need to have patient and give it a few more years. So what should you do to work better with your smartphone by now? A KINKOO power bank  might be a your good choice.