The Best Partner of Mobile Gadgets-Desktop USB Charger

Kinkoo-6-port-desktop-usb-charger-01Charging up phones, tablets, Bluetooth, camera and other various gadgets, external batteries can be a logistical nightmare. But now, they are gone.

Desktop USB chargers, such as this Kinkoo Six-port Desktop USB Charger, are becoming increasingly popular because of more and more mobile gadgets that require daily charging. It isn’t just useful in the home either, it is also great for taking on holiday and prevent us having to carry multiple power adaptors in our suitcases.

Kinkoo six-port Desktop USB Charger stands out among a sea of devices that in essence do the same thing in two ways: it’s of high quality, built with industry grade materials and premium circuitry, and is certified by CE, FCC and RoHS to ensure complete safety and reliability; it build in quick smart charging technology, which it uses to intelligently identify each plugged-in device and then deliver an optimal amount of charge speed up to 2.4 amps and 85% faster compared with regular conventional charger.

It’s a well-built rectangular device with graceful edges and encased in glossy white plastic. It’s very compact, just 4.1×2.2×0.9inches and 7oz, while you’ll find an AC input on back and six fast-charging USB ports and a power indicator at the front, which can help solve the dwindling wall outlets conundrum.

The Kinkoo has a max output of 40W to six ports it is able to deliver 8W to each, which is still faster than the 5W output of many smartphone chargers, and regardless your gadget are tablets, phones and even your GoPro cameras, it rapidly dills their battery.

Kinkoo Six-port Desktop USB Charger builds in protection for over-voltage, over-current, leakage and short circuit, and it comes with a 18-month warranty.