Who Can Save The Battery Life of New iPhone 6

Kinkoo-iPhone-6-external-batteryLarge display, bigger design, incredible performance, all of these can’t live without the support of powerful battery. Now the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus boast even bigger batteries, so that means less mid-day charging, right? Probably not.

Actually, battery life is a really, really important aspect of smartphone performance. The more reliable the battery, the less frustrating your life. We know that a power-sucking screen, faster processor, and secondary processor could easily be a recipe for terrible battery life. This time, Apple again provides a handy benchmark chart to show the battery life it thinks the iPhone 6 get. Unfortunately, those numbers are almost always too high.

For example, the chart above says that the iPhone 6 will be able to play 11 hours of continuous video while the 5S could play 10 hours. But the 5S definitely couldn’t play 10 hours of continuous video, actually a little more than five hours.

Another thing to think about is that these impressive extreme benchmarks just give a feel for how the battery will perform. But since we all use our smartphones for a variety of things throughout the day, not just one, some type of hodgepodge category that notifications, simultaneous downloads, location tracking, and intermittent browsing would be more useful.

So, I think we don’t free ourselves from the poor battery life, as well iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Of course, an iPhone external battery can perfectly solve this problem. Imagine having the iPhone external battery with an 8000mAh juice is like having 3 or 4 batteries, how awesome! Moreover, this iPhone external battery, such as our Kinkoo Infinite One portable external battery, is quite slim and light so that you can always take it with you , especially when you travel or camp.