What You Can't Leave Behind When Traveling


As the weather warms up and we start planning for holidays, there’s that perennial dilemma: What to pack? We want to have all the tech devices with us on the road, but the bag size refuses. So we must pruning to get to only the gadgets we really need. It’s a ritual we still go through before trips. Here’s how to do it. Read on.

Hello wheat, goodbye chaff

Weight is an especially important factor whether you’re traveling by air or rail. You need to start making some decisions. So, for example:

Do you really need a laptop, or will a tablet do?

Do you need to bring a dedicated camera, or will your phone’s camera suffice?

If you want to read ebooks, can you get by with a smartphone or tablet, or do you need your Kindle?

What about a game console or other tech toys?

Juicing up

When you’re deciding which gadgets to bring, don’t forget to factor in their accessories—cables, chargers, and so on.

One way to save on weight is to see if any of your chargers and cables can do double duty. For example, if you’re bringing an Kinkoo external cell phone battery charger with you, then you can use the same cable to charge your iPhone, iPab, MP3, Kindle, Gopro camera and all USB devices with 8000mAh massive power. It has proven useful on trains and planes to charge different devices, and it’s compact and fairly light. Just make sure it’s fully charged before you leave.

Kinkoo portable charger

In the bag

Once you’ve selected the gadgets and accessories you’re going to bring along, you have to figure out how to carry them with you.Packing electronic gadgets is an art.

If you’re flying, it’s a good idea to take a checkpoint friendly laptop bag with you. This will make it easier to get through the TSA checks. For other types of trips, I recommend having one bag for all your tech stuff; this is the bag you will always have near you when in transit. Also, it’s easier to organize—and find—everything you need in one bag than to spread it out across different bits of luggage. When you’re looking for that little cable, you don’t want to have to go through all of your luggage.

That way we shall always have the technology we need and have what we need to keep it running.