Care for Mobile Power Bank



Mobile power bank needs maintenance carefully. Even good quality portable charger, life will be greatly affected if poor maintenance.

Useful Tips

·Periodically charge the portable battery charger in an external charger for 8 to 10 hours to ensure maximum run time.

·If the Mobile power bank has not been used for an extended period of time, run it through 3 to 5 charge/discharge cycles.

·Always store the portable charger with a charge between 40% – 60%. Storing at higher charges will damage the battery charger and storing at lower charges risks undercharging the battery.

·Store at 40°F to 68°F, never store above 100°F.

·Avoid long term storage of more than 6 months.

206151403Useful information with regard to the Infinite One care
·Mobile power bank is sensitive to temperature and shall be operated best at or about 68° F. Use of the portable charger in temperatures above 100° F will cause damage and loss of capacity. While you can not control the weather, you can take steps to avoid unnecessarily exposing your portable charger to excessive heat. Do not leave your portable charger in direct sunlight.

·The Infinite One should be in a dry environment. Precipitation, humidity and all types of liquids or moisture will corrode electronic components and circuits.

·There is a standard USB on the Infinite One. When charge it, please choose reliable charger. Because the bad quality USB charger is no overcurrent protection. The process of charging might be permanently damaged it.

·The Infinite One charging itself in two ways, one is plugged into the computer USB port, another is plugged into the household power supply. When it was charged at home, because of the limited length of portable charger adapter cable, please do not plug in the wall outlet, hanging the Inifite One charging will cause damage. It is recommended to put the charger flatly, plug in the multi-functional terminal blocks.