How To Catch A Bullet Time?

1268382597HctQftqBHow To Catch A Bullet Time? Just use GoPro.

It’s a small, wearable, waterproof and shockproof cameras. Hoping to capture incredible images,the  name is “GoPro.”

GoPro’s cameras have now been used by the surfing community as well as by the skiing, bicycling, and skydiving communities.The pictures catch by gopro that’s a heart-thumping, blood-pumping video that’ll make you want to grab your bike, surfboard, kayak, or snowboard and just go!

People can take a photo completely solo today using the GoPro wifi remote pack, this product is a game changer for extreme sports enthusiasts .

Use the GoPro properly if you want to take an amazing photos

You need to choose how you will hold your GoPro. GoPro offers three mounting options:  a head strap, chest strap or wrist strap.

The problem with the head mount is that when you are snorkeling, your forehead, where the camera sits, is not very far in the water if it is at all. So we don’t think that you would get very good video.

A chest mount might be better, but doesn’t sound like an easy place to access for fiddling with the camera. Particularly in the water where if you dip your head too far forward you flood your snorkel or close your dry valve on top making it hard to breathe.

Of the mounts that GoPro makes, the wrist one makes the most sense to us for usability and control. That said, we would just remove the mount from the bottom, thread a wrist strap through the holes, and hand hold it, like most cameras.


How to catch a bullet time by GoPro? The key point is don’t make battery dead.

No doubt ,  Kinkoo is the best choice.

The Infinite One of Kinkoo is a reliable power bank for GoproiPhone, iPad and any usb devices you can buy in the market. It can fully charge Gopro 5-7 times. No outlet necessary. It’s the best power bank for extreme sports enthusiasts because it’s so easy to take and so convenient to charge.