CES 2014: Revolutionary Product in Las Vegas You Don’t Want To Miss


Major technology brands have moved on from using CES as the place to launch products, but CES 2014 promises to also move beyond the focus on products, and instead give us a glimpse of the trends which are going to govern technology in the coming 12 months.

CES 2014 will focus on 3D printing, wearable technology and some of the biggest names in tech.

3D Printers

The idea of instantly printing whatever you can imagine just by pressing a button for years seemed just like a dream. But 2013 saw the technology becoming a reality.

Wearable Tech

From fitness trackers to smartwatches and Google Glass, the advent of smaller and cheaper technology allowed for more powerful devices to be built in much smaller form factors.

CES 2014 is likely to see all major chip companies such as Intel, Qualcomm and Nvidia look to build on or establish themselves in this area.

Smartphones and Tablets

Gone are the days when the flagship smartphones of the year are launched in Las Vegas in early January.

Sony, Samsung, LG and the Chinese manufacturers like Huawei and ZTE are all set to launch new smartphones at CES 2014, including the possibility that all the headlines will be grabbed by the surprise launch of the Galaxy S5.

Turning to tablets, again there will be dozens of new devices on show, but few which will look to challenge the iPad. What we are likely to see is the continued drive to lower costs.

With the launch this week of the £30 tablet from Datawind a new benchmark has been established, and the goal in 2014 will be to produce tablets of increasing quality while keeping prices low.

And with the rapid development of science and technology change,the power demand is higher and higher for mobile devices. While when use those new tech mobile gadgets during traveling and at blog conferences, at the meantime a charging station is not readily available.

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