CES 2015: 7 Practical Smart Gadgets We Really Want

CES, the International Consumer Electronics Show, is the place where gadget makers go to flaunt their latest wares. And since we have to return most the objects our desire, here we select some interesting but more practical gadgets to showcase.

Parrot Pot This simple-looking white pot from Parrot houses a water reservoir inside. Using the companion app, you can irrigate your greenery just by tapping your phone’s screen. It also measures temperature, sunlight, and fertilizer requirements. You’ll be able to stop killing your plants via neglect later this year when it goes on sale.

1-screen-shotPhāz These over-ear headphones aren’t quite a perpetual motion machine, but they charge your phone or tablet like an external battery pack while you’re rocking out with them, thanks to an onboard 1200mAh battery. The headphones themselves can be used passively while jacked into a 3.5mm port, but the onboard battery can be used as an amp when you don’t need the juice for your mobile’s battery.

2-AFC0EG8V5FVH0009Oku Skin Health Sensor Oku, coming this spring, will use an optical sensor to peer into your epidermis, sending readings on moisture, oils, wrinkles and the like back to an accompanying app. The app makes suggestions on how to make yourself more beautimous, say by tweaking your diet.

3-AFC0EGS85FVH0009Slow Control Baby Gigl The Baby Gigl from Slow Control is a smart baby bottle that keeps track of how fast and how much a baby is drinking and sends the results to a smartphone. It even gives hints and tips to new parents on how to hold the bottle, including the optimum angle to hold it at in order to ensure the baby doesn’t take in too much air.

4-phpsd9hrgSmartMat If you want to become a master yogi, SmartMat could at least help speed up the process. SmartMat, which should ship in September, first ascertains your measurements, flexibility, and abilities. From there, it offers guidance on your position as you move through the poses. It has different modes for when you’re at home or in a class.

5-AFC0EITI5FVH0009Fitguard In contact sports, concussions and other brain injuries are often difficult to detect. Via its built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, the Fitguard mouthpiece monitors linear and angular acceleration to detect a possible concussion-class impact. It lights up if you take a heavy bruising, alerting teammates and coaches that medical attention is needed. It’s supposed to go on sale in September or October.

6-AFC0EHBQ5FVH0009Petnet Let’s be honest: You have no idea how much food your cat or dog should actually be eating. Petnet takes into account your pet’s breed, specific food brand, and their activity level to determine exactly how many calories they should be getting each day. The $250 feeder also lets you set feeding times, so it can do automated feedings when you’re away.