CES 2015: Top 8 Innovations We Want To See

Sponsor is now accepting registration for the 2015 International CES. Same as it has always been, CES 2015 promises to be an even bigger show, full of the innovative, the inspiring and the impossible, and this is also a “golden opportunity” to see what’s coming next for us tech lovers, even if it’s years down the road from reaching consumers.

Here is a list of what we want to see at CES 2015, and don’t forget it’s only five months till the coming January, too.

1. TV innovation beyond the bend and curve

kinkoo-lg-curved (7)-580-90Do we really need curved TVs? The answer, from looking at the market, is no.

2. Stop the 4K TV price madness

samsung-ultra-hd-tv-105-inchWe want to see top-tier TV manufacturers reduce the price by one digit with a $999 price tag for a 50-incher, instead of having a whopping $120,000 for the Samsung 105-inch curved 4K TV during CES 2014.

3. More than just more tablets from Samsung

Samsung flexible delays-580-90Samsung has unveiled even more tablets since CES, leading us to plea, “Enough!”

4. LG and Huawei deliver standout smartphones

Legere-580-90Along with Huawei, LG could use CES to gain massive exposure with a knockout smartphone. We’d love to see LG and Huawei liven up the proceedings with a phone that makes us drool.

5. Next-level wearables

smartphone-compatibility-580-90Although wearables are gaining steam, there’s always room for improvement. Our wish list for CES 2015 wearables includes waterproofing, more with heart rate monitors, standalone smarties that don’t need a mobile device and more full-featured smartwatches that are compatible with different OSes.

6. Virtual reality in Las Vegas

Project Morpheus 010-580-90CES is as much about entertainment as it is anything else, so VR-related innovations (games, apps, movies, etc.) and gear VR are well within the scope of the show.

7. Truly good 2-in-1s

dellinspiron113000-8-580-90There will be PCs of every stripe at CES 2015, but we’re looking specifically at 2-in-1s for right now. HP, Dell, Acer and Asus are just a few of the notable names we’re putting money on to unveil new tablet/laptop hybrids, so it’s not a matter of if they’ll be announced but rather of how good they’ll be.

8. Smarter cars than ever before

Toyota fuel cell (1)-580-90Toyota ran away with the Best of CES 2014 awards thanks to its hydrogen-powered car. Part of our reasoning in giving the FCV the top spot was because of its industry-changing position as the first mass-produced fuel-cell vehicle. New CES 2015, we want more of the same: run on next-gen energy sources and don’t need a driver at all.