How to charge your phone during an emergency

Accidents happen everywhere. Today more than ever before, we face many different types of situations that could leave us in the emergency. As a tool to call for help, or act as a flashlight, compass and GPS, smartphone is necessary, but its all functions rely on the battery and the features most useful in a pinch are the ones that consume the most charge. So you need a few ways to charge your phone, especially when a power outlet or computer isn’t available.

Kinkoo-portable-battery-chargerSolar Charger

RoachSolar energy has always been the dream option for providing renewable alternative energy, theoretically, you can use a phone indefinitely without access to central power. But all that’s required is access to the sun, and no other option can match the versatility and reliability of solar

Car Charger

Charger-Just-Mobile-Highway-Pro-1-600x400In many situations a car charger is all you’ll need. Car chargers are cheap, widely available for all sorts of devices and vehicles, and will work so long as there’s a vehicle nearby with an energy provider. But what if a car isn’t available, there’s nothing you can do.

Portable Battery Charger

You can find extremely large amounts of portable battery chargers in Amazon and retail stores. They are literally large batteries with ports for connecting phones or other USB device. Some of them can even hold your phone for a week, such as Kinkoo Infinite Nova portable battery charger, which is powerful enough to charge iPhone 5S over 5 times and is easy to store in a backpack, drawer or glovebox.

Kinkoo-external-battery-cold-weatherBesides, saving your phone’s battery power is also a good way to keep your phone alive in an emergency, for example, turn off WiFi, Bluetooth radio, news services and various apps when you don’t need to browse the internet, turn down the display to the lowest level at which you can still read it, put the phone in “Airplane mode” or turn it off entirely if you aren’t using it and aren’t anticipating incoming calls or texts.