How to Charge Your Smartphone as Quickly as Possible

There are huge concerns on the smartphone users when it comes to charge a phone. Many phones die by midday because of constant operations, and have to take 4 or 6 hours to remain bound to a wall socket. This is quite excruciating and unproductive, especially for those in the outdoor. But don’t worry.  The next time this happens, keep these tips below about smartphone battery charging in mind.


Turn Airplane Mode on

Obviously, you’re going to have a quicker charge if there’s less things such as WiFi, cellular, 3G and LTE running on your device. This means that if you turn them all off at the same time as trying to cram more power into a device’s battery, it should charge faster. In fact, it could theoretically even charge as much as 50% faster than with them off. So simply turn Airplane Mode on can make your phone or tablet charge considerably faster than with it turned off, even you can turn the phone off in a pinch thus it’ll charger more quickly.

Use a Wall Charger

If you have the option between a laptop and a wall charger, always choose the wall charger. Charging your device via your laptop will be significantly slower than if you charged it from a proper AC power outlet. One reason is that your computer’s USB port does not deliver a constant amount of power. The amount of power it generates out to your device all depends on several variables, such as the software and hardware on the computer, the amount of USB ports being used, and using your computer while simultaneously charging the device.

Take Kinkoo Infinite One as a good outdoor backup


Like most of people, you probably feel comfortable having your smartphone on you and working at all times. But that’s almost impossible unless you have a portable power bank for iphone 5s,5,galaxy s4 and other phones and tablets  to keep your phone always fully charged when you are in the outdoors.

One of the benefits of Kinkoo Infinite One is that it is quite effective to charge the iPhone 5S – 10% to 95% in about two hours with all light bars remaining, as a result of its 2.1 A big output current and over 85% high-end conversion rate. At the same time, it’s so small and light just like a phone to carry in your handbag, even Jeans pocket.