Is cheap charger bad?

Kinkoo-iPhone-external-batteryYes, your wallet might be very happy when you see a good-look charger somewhere at an unbelievably low price, but your iPhone might not be.

That’s a big problem that there are so many cheap chargers around us that influence our purchasing decisions. Throughout the web, we might have come across horror stories of iPhone and Android users who have had their phones fried or experienced a high pitched ringing and smell of burning electronics. When you are interested in this topic why Apple defends their pricing policy for their small and simple $30 chargers, precise scientific data had told you the fact that its adapter is much safer than what other manufacturers offer and it even surpasses technical safety requirements to provide the best quality to customers. Of course, this quality comes at a high cost.

The same applies to other iPhone backup battery charger, too. Cheap chargers of any kind come with cheaper and thin wires that can cause voltage drop and the device not connected/charging. The quality of chargers in general matters because the lower the price, the most likely the lower the quality of the materials. Cheap LAN cables (RJ-45) can physically crack and cause 100 meters of cable of chaos and electric shock. Underspecified chargers may become very hot and even melt or the build up of pressure in the charger can cause parts of the charger to break off! Similar damage may be done to the phone if the phone cannot handle the intake of electrical surge from the cell phone charger.

A leading maker of cell phones discovered that over 14 million chargers were responsible for reported electric shock due to loose plastic covers and exposure of wires.

With all this information in mind, wouldn’t it be logical to shell out a couple more dollars and invest in a better quality charger? Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to purchase the most expensive iPhone backup battery charger, but please do your research before you buy a cheap charger. Of course, we here at serve to provide you with the best quality products, with engineering that will only provide your phone with the safest and fastest charging!