How to Choose the Best Business Mobile Phone

Kinkoo-mobile-power-bank-businessNot everyone agree on if the best cell phone is a BlackBerry, iPhone, or Android, but they will agree that a moblie phone is crucial to business. With so many mobile phone models to choose, your decision of how to equip your workforce and which of the countless providers to partner with can make a big difference to your bottom line in a number of ways. But with the list of factors below, the choice may be much easier.

What makes the best business mobile phone?

Firstly you want to look for features aimed towards communication and connectivity rather than entertainment and gimmicks. Key features might be more important than battery life. While most operating systems on smartphones offer some form of office suite, android should allow you to pick between a variety of them or even run apps specific to your company.

Which Operating System?

This decision can be largely based on what the most common OS is among the company. It makes sense to use the same OS to make sure apps and features are compatible. Otherwise if this isn’t an issue, you’ll want to work out which apps you’ll want to use the most. If you’re happy with how iOS performs as standard then an iPhone will be ideal, but if you like to customize and change a phone to suit your own tastes then an Android phone makes more sense.

Physical Keyboard VS Touch

This is obviously down to personal preference, but while most smart phones are progressing to being touch screen only, it’s easy to forget the speed and ease of typing on a physical keyboard. If you still prefer a physical keyboard for speed and accuracy of typing then the only real choice is a Blackberry.

GPS & Maps

If you do a lot of driving for work then the GPS of a device could make or break it. The GPS in most of the newer devices is capable of pinpointing wherever you are in the world with incredibly accuracy. You can also opt to use Google Maps and the Navigation feature to read out instructions as you drive.

Voice Quality

Voice quality is critical for professionals. Without a decent speakerphone and the ability to clearly be heard and hear the other person, using your mobile phone will be more of a work hindrance than a help. Check out cell phone reviews to see how well the smartphone works as a phone.

In addition to all the above, another thing to consider when looking for a new business phone is whether or not a long lasting phone that won’t let you down. Most smartphones have limited battery life, so that’s the first obstacle to overcome. After all, the more features and powerful hardware in a phone, the faster it drains the battery. Of course, you can also choose a business mobile power bank to compensate for this, such as Kinkoo Infinite One Portable Backup Battery Charger, its 8000mAh capacity would allow you to keep your phone charged no matter where you are.