How To Choose The Most Suitable Gopro?

Currently there are three different versions, all of which are 20% smaller, 15% lighter, have 30% longer battery life, and faster Wi-Fi, compared to the older versions. There is the Gopro Hero3 White Edition, with only a 5mp sensor, the Hero3+ Silver Edition offering a 10mp sensor, Hero3+ Black Edition with a 12mp sensor.The Hero3+ Black is what you should get. It has the sharpest lens, for the best pictures.We would now avoid all the older Hero2 Hero3+ Black Edition Features and Hero3 models.

12mp sensor that shoots at 30fps bursts

F2.8 aspherical glass lens, fixed at around 30mm (35mm equivalent)

HD video up to 4K

Adjustable white balance (Auto, 3000K, 5500K, 6500K, Raw)

Waterproof Remote Control (Does not work underwater).

For sure, this camera is very compact. That is its biggest advantage. But that reduced sized comes with some drawbacks. The Gopro lacks features of larger more complex cameras.


A View Screen Is Extra

The Gopro cameras do not come with a viewfinder. So you can’t compose your picture with it, or view the picture without first transferring it to your computer. But you can buy one for the camera. It is called the LCD Touch BacPac, seen at right.

Not having an LCD viewfinder screen is limiting. But it may be not as bad as it may seem. Even with the much bigger viewfinder screens on our cameras, we really can’t see much underwater, and just point the camera at our subject. And the Gopro viewfinder screen is tiny, so it is not all that valuable, either to compose or view pictures on.

No Zoom Lens or Controls

The camera also sacrifices controls for size. Almost everything is automatic. But again, most people just shoot in automatic mode anyway. And it has a fixed lens, which again is not a big problem. Most people leave their cameras at their widest setting underwater. Just be aware of these limitations.

Indispensable Accessories

The Infinite One of Kinkoo is a mobile power bank for Gopro that will keep your devices running while you’re on the go. From hiking to emergency preparedness, the Infinite One is an essential piece of the electronic age, and will come in handy in a host of situations.


When you play the Gopro, carrying the charger this way didn’t produce any noticeable decrease in performance of the charging capability. The Gopro always stayed charged, even while running Gopro to catch the wonderful picture or play the heart-stirring video that would normally drain the battery faster. This gadget to keep your Gopro charged on the go is what makes the Infinite One of Kinkoo so great for hikers, backpackers, hunters, mountain bikers, or any Gopro players.

Overall, the Infinite One of Kinkoo mobile power bank is an awesome piece of gear with unlimited potential. As long as you get one, you can use it in any outside situation to charge your device, whether in the woods or in town, climbing the mountain or grilling out at the park. It is lightweight, compact, and easily carried. I love this power bank. It has become an essential piece of my kit.