The Contrast Of Original Battery And Mobile Power Bank

In the past, we love buying the original battery as backup power for their cellphone, but as the coming of smartphone era, most people today opt to carry a mobile power bank with them. Here we list some reasons why mobile power banks are more popular than the former.


1. The equipment original battery is only suitable for the use of original equipment, but mobile power bank can simply charge a variety of digital devices such as phone, tablet, Kindle, MP4 and so on, and is not limited to the brand and model.

2. Mobile power bank can charge itself from the wall charger, computer, and other device, involving a wider range.


1. Mobile power bank capacity is usually several times more than the original battery depending on the size, which can achieve many charge times or power supply for a long time. E.g. Kinkoo Infinite One mobile power bank has 8000mAh capacity, which reaches 5 times more than the iPhone 5 riginal battery and can supply power to it for a week.

2. Some digital devices (PSP, digital camera, etc.) must be stopped to replace the original battery in use, while mobile power bank can power the device without affecting the device, which is the embodiment of the user-friendly design.


1. The equipped original battery is usually expensive, rather than its quality cannot be guaranteed, and good quality mobile power bank is much more powerful, but the price may be little difference with it, and some or even lower.

2. High-capacity mobile power bank has a wide range of application, which is suitable for family or group of people, even meet the need of friend who is in need of emergency help.

3. Mobile power bank, makes the use of cost reduction, but also environmentally friendly.

4. Mobile power bank has long service life, usually more than 500 times, according to the average 2 times a week full charge and discharge, you can use more than 5 years.