Coolest Gadgets That Make Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Time is definitely running out when it comes to Mother’s Day. Are you still puzzling over a perfect gift for your mom?

Whether she’s a stay at home mom, working mom or a little bit of both, your mom could definitely benefit from these cool gadgets below.

1. Fitbit Charge HR

1-Fitbit-Charge-HRWhile there are many fitness trackers to choose from, we still recommend the Charge HR band for moms because it takes almost no effort to sync and it’s so simple to set up. The water-resistant band monitors steps taken, calories burned, and sleep patterns, plus its battery lasts up to 5 days.

2. MagBak

2-magbakMagBak is the world’s thinnest iPad mount that you can use to mount your iPad to any metal surface. Using two little pieces of rubber that attach to the back of her iPad and contain powerful magnets within, she’ll be able to attach the iPad to the refrigerator surface while she’s cooking or making her morning cup of joe.

3. Kinkoo Infinite One 8000mAh kinkoo Portable charger for Android & iPhone

is308-039Copyright:www.quanjing.compppWith a good quality portable battery charger, she can keep all of her favorite gadgets – including smartphones, tablets, cameras, e-book readers and even wearables full of charge. Anytime! Anywhere! No doubt, this is an easy favorite among tech gifts for anyone who is hooked on mobile gadgets, especially those Frequent Flyers and Road Warriors.

4. Nutri Ninja Pro

4-nutri-ninjaSo often, we didn’t have time to make ourselves breakfast in the morning. One great way to sneak veggies and fruits in is with a Nutri Ninja Pro, a 900 watt nutrient & vitamin extractor that will enable her to make great fruit and veggie smoothies that taste great. It also will allow her to make delicious frozen treats, dressings and allows her to mash up veggies so they’re nearly liquified so you can sneak them into your cooking.

5. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale with Pull-Out Display

5-kitchen-scaleWhen it comes to baking, you often want to measure your ingredients by weight for best results. If your mom is a serious baker, this handy scale is great for assembling all of her favorite foods. It will also come in handy after the holidays when she might be trying to drop those holiday pounds.