What Dad Wants Most For This Father’s Day

Kinkoo-portable-charger-fathers-day-gift-2014It is almost Father’s Day! And what do dads really want?

I searched in Google and found out many articles about Father’s Day gift. Some of them were quite creative so that I wanted to have one. But to my surprise, many dads were against them in the comments below.

They said: “This list is what the advertisers would like you to buy. Real dads are happy to have a day off with the kids and maybe something later from the wife”.

“I’m a real Dad and all I want is to be around my kids and my father on Fathers Day. Gifts are meaningless, time and love are priceless.”

“The only thing I need on Father’s Day is quiet. The other 364 days of the year are kid’s day. On my day I just want to take a dump without someone knocking on the door.”

This is a fact: what our dads need is not gift, not a call, but love, respect and a pleasant time or doing something memorable.

One survey on US dads from offers.com also proves it.


survey-2Yes, everyone expects men to probe to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day yet when it comes to Father’s Day most people assume electronics, sports and ties are the winning gifts. After all, I think dads deserve equal treatment moms. And they deserve to get what they want this Father’s Day.

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