Don't Make These Smartphone Mistakes At Work


With the help of smartphone, people are feeling more confident with work. But at the same time, there are still all kinds of new ways to trip up when your smartphone glued to your hands.

In fact, according to a recent survey by Kessler International, upper and mid-level managers say that “untimely and inappropriate use of cellphones” is the number one etiquette breach of their employees.

The following are some of the most commonly made smartphone mistakes in terms of workplace etiquette. And it’s important to check them out and know whether or not you’re making them, then, stop them before they stop you!

Check your phone during meetings

This is in especially poor taste in a client meeting. No non-urgent calls, texts, or other communications should take your attention away from a client. Put mobile devices away and don’t touch them again until the meeting is over. The only exception occurs when an emergency call is expected.

Keep your phone out and visible

While this is fine if you’re alone, when someone else is in your office, tuck it away and put it on vibrate. Even if you’re not using it, simply leaving it where it can be seen sends a message to the other person that they have your attention only until the device goes off, and that you give higher priority to the phone.

Set your phone on the table at a business lunch/dinner

Your friends and family members probably don’t like seeing your cell phone on the table at a meal, but when it comes to business meals, it is typically considered to be flat-out rude. Studies have shown that even if the device is turned off, its presence is still considered to be offensive at restaurants and dinner tables for business meetings.

Yell into your phone

Talking too loudly is one of the biggest pet peeves. But in fact, you often forget that these cell phones have very sophisticated, powerful little microphones. In other words, you don’t have to scream. Just talk like a normal human being.

Let your battery run out

When customers, clients, co-workers, and supervisors need to contact you, a dead battery is no excuse for being unreachable. This is one of the biggest smartphone mistakes that people make at work. Consider a good quality external battery pack to be an important investment into your career.