Don’t Miss A Thing: 4 Packing Guide for Your World Cup 2014 Trip

Kinkoo-best-mobile-power-charger-for-World-Cup-2014With FIFA World Cup less than Two months away, thousands of fans are starting to prepare this summer’s trip down to Brazil. If you are one of them, we have some packing tips for you to have a truly enjoyable and memorable experience. With many of these gadgets available in portable forms, they effectively become essentials for long-distance travelling. Let’s take a look.

Sunscreen and sunglasses

sun blockIt’s reported that, during World Cup, the average temperatures in Brazil can reach 30 degrees with burning sunshine and more than 80% humidity. So be sure to use some sunscreen and wear a pair of sunglasses in case of sunburn.

Documents and money

996207_15167553Just as any other trips, travel documents and money are the most important travel essentials. Make sure you get all necessary documents with you, such as passport, ID, credit card, etc. Some amount of money is also needed in case that some places could not use credit card.

Digital devices and mobile power charger  

2_3mobile power chargerNeedless to say,  smartphone and camera are essential, as well as mobile power charger. As we always recommend,  Kinkoo Infinite Nova is the best mobile power charger for FIFA World Cup 2014, with ultra-style body and massive 10,500mAh capacity, while keeps your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Bluetooth, MP3 Player, and camera running for over a week, and is easier to carry around in a small purse, even pocket.

Everyday Essentials

everyday essentialsLast but not least, don’t forget to take your everyday essentials, such as toothbrush, underwear, thin shirts, sandals…and some common drugs.

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