Essential List Of Pack In Your Travel Emergency Kit

The news from the travel industry lately has been full of weather delays, disabled ships, storms, and the compensation amounts handed out to disgruntled passengers.

So we decided to research the current recommendations and put together the essential list of items to pack in your travel emergency kit.


 1. Survival Rations

Engine room fires, generator malfunctions, and more have caused the lavish buffets and gourmet dining to come to a full stop when the power is knocked out and the cruise ship or airplane is disabled. In cases like these, some survival rations are a good idea. Think high protein snacks like packs of nuts or granola bars that won’t take up a lot of space in your luggage.

Of course, this isn’t just a tip for trips. If you’ve ever been stuck in an airport while a snowstorm grounds all planes, you know the value of having a few snacks.

2. Backup Battery for iphone or ipad

When the ship or train  loses power, your opportunity to charge your devices is over. What could be a timely phone call home (if you can catch a signal) to let friends and family know your situation may not happen without backup battery.

3. Reusable Water Bottles

In a situation where the transportation is disabled, having full water bottles can ensure you stay hydrated if the water system is disabled. We recommend filling them with fresh water, popping them into your in-room refrigerator or another safe place and keep them filled at all times. When you empty your water bottle, fill it again so that if something happens, you’ll have enough fresh water to keep you comfortable.

4. Basic Medications

Medications on board the travel and in the ports or airport you encounter will be pricey and if you don’t want to spend your vacation dollars on some antibiotic gel and a bandage when you cut your finger, it makes sense to have what you need with you.

See What’s in your Travel Medical Kit? for a list of essential items.

5. Travel Insurance

While no travel insurance plan will help you escape a disabled transportation after you’ve sailed, it can help if you need an emergency medical evacuation off the ship. If you want protection in case you decide to cancel your trip because there are just too many reports of disabled ships with one cruise line or another, be sure you have ‘cancel for any reason’ coverage.

One final tip …

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