Extend Your Phone Power With These Android Battery-saver Apps

Kinkoo-portable-chargers-for-androidNo matter how powerful the battery, it’s nearly impossible to keep your mobile phone running though a busy day. Except various portable chargers for android, here are some other battery-apps that could enhance its day-to-day performance a lot easier.

1. Battery Defender

Battery Defender is an app with many of the typical yet vital features of a battery-saver app. One of our favorite features is called Quiet Sleeping. Tell this app when you’re sleeping, and it’ll disable network and Wi-Fi connections in order to maximize your battery the next day. The app will also disable these connections if you’re running super low on battery.

2. JuiceDefender

Manage power according to your own preferences or use preset profiles and extend the battery life of your Android with JuiceDefender. As if it had a mind of its own, this Android battery-saver app puts the juice back into your device by automatically and transparently managing the most power-draining features of your phone, such as mobile data, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G connectivity and screen brightness.

3. 2 Battery

While we all love to save battery life when using our phones, making the most of your data allowance could be an even greater bonus. The 2 Battery app turns off your mobile data connection when you’re not actively using it, reducing both battery drainage and data usage. Even better, it periodically toggles mobile data back on to keep your background data (email, calendar, Twitter, etc.) synchronized.

4. Android Booster

If you’re searching for some serious Android optimization, look no further than this power-saving app with memory booster. That’s right, Android Booster is easy-to-use interface gives you complete control over how everything functions on the back end of your phone. Features include a task killer, app manager, network manager and file organizer. This battery-saver app for Android puts a big boost in your phone’s overall performance.

5. DU Battery Saver

Thanks to its features, the free version of DU Battery Saver claims to boost your Android battery life by 50 percent. It easily tells you how much time you have left with your phone’s current battery level, such as how many Internet browsing minutes you have left. It then lets you optimize that time by closing different apps and disabling different features on your phone. You can also pin this app’s widget to your Android’s home screen so you’re always in the know.