Why External Battery Charger Can Be Your Best Business Friend


The days of running a business from an office, chained to a desktop PC and landline are long gone. Mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets are critical, no doubt, allowing you to keep in touch with employees, suppliers and customers wherever you are.

But batteries, always run out, and at the worst possible time!

The solution is an external battery charger, also known as a portable battery pack or an external battery bank. Whatever you call it, it’s essentially a lifesaver for anyone who uses their cell phone in business.

Here are exactly some scenarios of how an external battery charger can be your best business friend.

1. You’re at the local Starbucks using your tablet to show a presentation or your portfolio to potential clients when things run much longer than you had anticipated. They’re interested and they have dozens of questions that require you to continue to use the device. It would be lovely to avoid having to draw your examples on napkins by being able to sub your battery power as soon as you need it, don’t you think?

2. You’re jammed like a sardine on public transit when the phone call of your life comes in, but you’d just finished killing time during the subway delay by playing round after round of Candy Crush Saga. Now your smartphone doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to conveniently connect it to some more power so that you can talk as long as you want?

3. You’re on a business trip and after a long flight, you need to attend a highly important meeting. You can’t arrive unprepared for this tremendous opportunity. Plugging into the wall for five hours is out of the question. You’re on a plane, followed by an airport and an airport limo. Would you rather hope that the other attendees are understanding or impress their socks off by arriving smoothly and completely ready, despite the fact that you’d just been in the air for six hours?

A compact, lightweight, powerful external battery charger gives you precisely the ability to stay cool. If you haven’t one yet, now it’s time to buy it online.