Find Your Happiness By A Smartphone

Kinkoo-smartphone-2Smartphones have become an every day necessity for most people. Checking emails, surfing the web, shopping, banking… so many people annoy missing crucial life moments while staring into screens. But there is no denying that this gadget can actually be beneficial to your life.

Here are some of the ways smartphones can make you happier!

Call someone.

Surprisingly, this option is often forgotten under texts, emails, and other functions that smartphones now have. A quick phone call to a friend to hear them and connect with them can greatly improve your mood.

Better yet, FaceTime.

Studies show that we need close relationships to be happy, and although actually spending time with another person is the best way to forge a real connection, being able to seeing that person’s face on a screen is a close second.

Download happy apps.

There are countless “happy apps” as those which are convenient and help streamline our lives, such as an app which helps track our sleep cycle to improve our rest, or Google Maps.

Use your smartphone to get fit.

Everyone has fitness goals, and your smartphone can help you get there faster. Using fitness apps (for example Endomondo or Runtastic) can help you improve your exercise regimen, which will produce more endorphins, the happy chemical our brains release during exercise.

Take a “microbreak.”

There’s no question that spending all day on your smartphone will lead to a pretty unproductive day, but one study found that taking short breaks – adding up to about 20 minutes total – with your smartphone during the workday can make you happier.

Your smartphone can teach you how to meditate.

Are you one of those people who just can’t seem to meditate, no matter how hard you try? With the large number of meditation apps out there, you may finally be able to enjoy meditation’s many benefits.

Social media makes you happier.

Scrolling through your Facebook feed for hours feeling jealous of everyone’s lives definitely isn’t healthy, but studies suggest that people feel more loved when viewing their social profiles in a positive manner, than using traditional self-affirmation exercises.

Overall, when used in the right way, smartphones are a fun way to pass a few free minutes, make your life easier and, yes, connect you with a positive, supportive community.