The Five Basic Smartphone Accessories Everyone Should Have

kinkoo-smartphone-accessoriesSmartphones have their limitations, so there’s a huge array of accessories out there. But a lot of the time you likely don’t really need much more of them in your life, here we sorted through the junk and found the gems.

Check out the following 5 basic smartphone accessories and make sure that you get the best of each.

1. Case – having a great case ensures that your phone will stay in mint condition for a long time. It can protect against scratches, drops, and other accidents. I understand that some people like to show off the phone and not cover it with a case, but you can find plenty of transparent cases available.

2. Screen protector – they may not seem all that glamorous, but they can provide your device with huge protection against cracks and scratches. Some protectors even improve the responsiveness of a touchscreen.

3. Headphones – these are fantastic if you talk on the phone a lot or if you use your smartphone to play music.

4. SD Card –Most of smartphones have a limited storage built-in. This means the more apps you download, the more photos you take, and the more videos you record, your smartphone will start to run out of space. Invest in an 8gb – 32gb MicroSD card and your phone should automatically prompt you to change the location of your data.

5. Portable charger –Make sure that you will never be caught with a dead battery – buy external battery charger online to take your power with you. This means that when it is time to charge your phone you do not have to find a wall plug. The capacity of the chargers varies greatly; some can charge your phone multiple times before it has to be recharged. Most chargers are small enough to fit in a small purse or pocket, so this is a key accessory that won’t cramp your style.