From Design to Manufacturing

When got the final sample as we required, we are so excited, that means our idea finally went into Manufacturing and Operations.

We have experienced five months for shell design , PCB layout, and Li-Polymer battery selection, etc. We penetrated into every detail in every process, not only the materials selection but also the workmanship in every process.

Shell Design

  • Communicate with the Japan Designer for the first sketch on April 2013.
  • Begin plastic injection mold tooling and adjust for details.
  • Get the confirmed produced prototype with our original design specifications by manufacturer.

PCB layout

  • Coordinate with solution companies to improve the transfer rate performance of PCB.
  • Adjust the technical details in exact control and smart recognition with the connected device.


Li-Polymer battery selection

  • We search the safe and high performance Li-Polymer battery brand in the industry.
  • Run testing for final selection.


USB cable

  • Search for the 2A current and data connector to USB cable.
  • Begin plastic injection mold tooling and adjust the materials to bring the soft handle also sturdy core (made from Galvanized wire with shielding net), to make sure the quick charging.


Carrying Bag

  • Select the microfiber material as the protective bag ,it can also be the cleaning cloth to wipe the stain on monitor or cover.


  • Design and customize KINKOO package to achieve the perfect protection during delivery.


The biggest obstacles we face is the manufacturing process. From design to manufacturing, we encounter many challenges and unanticipated delays due to the poor communication between product development engineer and our manufacturers.

Finally our product development engineering team have to work direct on-site to coordinating the implementation of our design specifications and performance requirements. And we have to ignore our market opportunities for earlier release ,in order to deliver the more exquisite and high quality product to the consumers.

The KINKOO Infinite One is the crystallization of our team . And finally achieve the magnificent harmony of engineering excellence and design creativity, all executed from a user. We are committed to provide the best quality components,manufacture,quality control and service.