High-tech Stars in the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Everyday of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, star players are firmly in the spotlight, and billions of soccer fans across the globe are cheering every exciting moment. But in another unseen place many technological stars are also associated with it.

Goal Line Tech 

kinkoo-goal-line-techA system of 14 high-speed cameras — seven on each goal —is operating at up to 500 frames a second to capture a three-dimensional position of every ball. And this will help referees decide whether a goal is good or not, thus saving a lot of arguments and complaints.

If a goal is scored in less than a second, the referee will feel a vibration from a special watch they will be wearing and receive a display message of “Goal”.

Vanishing spray paint

383958_02ec5457bfc5fc81197cbaf06c2d2129-681x360Another technological innovation, is a can of vanishing spray paint making that used for the first time in World Cup matches. The referee will use it to mark the spot from which a free kick is to be taken and also to draw a “10-yard line” which is the closest that the defending team can get to the ball when defending against a free kick. The spray paint will last for just one minute before it disappears.

Hollywood-level Video Quality

35d0914637ed7c57b6dcf26ab8d50aaa (1)Aiming at improving video quality of World Cup matches, the camera that ever used to capture films like Oblivion and After Earth, shoots in RAW 8K, has allowed event organizers to shoot the cup’s final three matches in mouthwatering 4K resolution.

Remote-Controlled ‘Security Guards’

7c5b3c9e62bb04b79964329090c1c5f2Usually only encountered on the battlefield, this 510 PackBots also make an appearance at the World Cup to deal with suspicious packages and to serve as an added level of surveillance. Your move, creeps.

Pre-Cooling Vests And Sleeves To Beat Brazil Heat     

9f9a0e7f599bc7294f6a08d5410f66bbBrazil is known for its deadly temperatures and excessive humidity, so US company rolled out the pre-cooling supplies to help World Cup players remain calm, cool, and start games at optimal capacity. The only drawback is that the technology is only available to nine tournament teams— we have a feeling they’re the few with Adidas sponsorship.