How Was The First Battery Made?

As we know,nowadays, nothing can hardly run smoothly without power. Especially for today’s smart mobile devices to be quite power hungry on heavy use.That’s why we use battery, backup battery, mobile power bank and so on,because it’s a basic support and the common source for power.

With the rapid development of the battery technology,you must be pretty curious like I am on how was the first battery made,and who invent the battery?

This was no Energizer Bunny.

In 1799, philosophy professor Alessandro Volta repeated experiments many times with many different materials. From these experiments he came to the conclusion that it was the two dissimilar metals, not the frog’s leg that produced the electicity. The frog’s leg was just an indicator of presence of the electricity.


Some of you must familiar with Alessandro volt, As his portrait was printed on 10000 Italian Lire (1984),this note is now obsolete.


In 1800, after extensive experimentation, he developed the voltaic pile,piled alternating discs of zinc and sliver or copper on top of one another. In between the discs, he slid pieces of cloth or cardboard soaked in salt water.Although the sloppy stack of metal plates resembled the leaning  Tower of Pisa, it generated a small electric current.


The pile looked like a stack of coins and created a constant flow of electricity that was less intense than previous attempts and allowed scientists to use electricity in controlled ways.


Prior to Volta’s shocking discovery, it was widely assumed that only living creatures could produce electricity. His battery, the Voltaic Pile, brought Volta such recognition that the unit of electrical current, a volt, was named in his honor.