The Internet of things are changing your life

The internet of things, you admit or not, are changing people’s daily lives. We are facing a new reality where everything from clothing to household appliance are interconnected and tech-enabled to send data back and forth.

Connecting the Virtual World with the Physical World

People now live on their mobile phone, from shopping to texting, you will see people on their mobile phones almost everywhere. Whether we like it or not, a person’s mobile phone is the future of e-commerce, it’s the holy grail of advertising and marketing. It’s up to retailers to adapt to the world of e-commerce by connecting a person’s website shopping experience, with their physical department store location. The Internet of Things (IoT) allows retailers to do just that.


Attract More Shoppers

For example, a customer browses your website and finds that perfect pair of shoes. They go to the mall and visit your store. During their visit, not only do they buy that pair of jeans, but they also browse your latest women’s fashion collection. The Internet of Things will allow you to detect your customer’s physical location and activity throughout their entire trip, knowing which sections of the store they spent the longest, and transmitting that data back to the retailer. Meaning, you can send your customer a special email newsletter about not just new pairs of jeans, but also your latest shoe collection. The result is a highly customized shopping experience. It’s highly engaging, which leads to more shopping both online and offline. The opportunities are endless.

Charge While you Shop

You don’t have to bring your mobile phone adaptor, connecting cable everyday and searching the wall socket while your mobile is almost running out of power when shopping with friends. A external charger can be a good choice to save the poor mobile battery. Slim design and high-output charging speed, you feel like taking one more powder box, free and convenient.

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