What To Do If iPad Mini Won’t Charge On Your Computer

If you are having problems charging your iPad Mini when it is connected to your computer via a USB, you are not alone. Sometimes we do this just for syncing it with iTunes and other times simply for convenience. Yet surprisingly, that’s common for the iPad to not charge at all despite being connected.

Although this can be scary, it may not actually be that hard to fix. There are a number of reasons as to why this occurs and simple solutions to resolve it.

Find Out Why Your iPad Mini Can’t Charge

Firstly, you must learn about what’s wrong with your iPad Mini before solving that problem the iPad won’t charge via USB connected to your computer. Here are some most common reasons.

• The iPad must be charged by high-power USB 2.0 port. USB ports that do not meet this specification will sync the iPad but cannot charge it.

So if your iPad stopped charge, try different ports on your computer and make sure it’s connected with a high-speed USB 2.0 port, not the keyboard.

• The USB port most computers provides insufficient power to charge an iPad.

Try the power adapter instead, and you can see whether the USB port on your computer is charging it or not by looking at the battery icon on the iPad. If it is charging, you’ll see the lightning symbol; if not, it will say “Not Charging” next to it.

• The iPad might charge, but only very slowly if it or the computer is in sleep mode.

Be aware that if your iPad is connected to a computer that is turned off, the iPad battery will continue to drain, so remove the USB cord if not in use or not needed.

• You may be using the wrong charger cord.

The charger that comes with the iPad Mini has a higher output than an iPhone/iPod Touch charger, so make sure you are using the correct cable.

Of course, if you’ve tried all of the above and it’s still not working, then unfortunately, it’s most likely a problem with itself. It’s possible that the battery is dead, or something’s wrong with the charging port. So you need to contact Apple, contact the retailer where you bought it, or go into an Apple Store, and pay some money for the replacement service if the iPad is more than one year old.

The Best Way to Charge iPad Mini


The best and most efficient way to charge an iPad Mini is to use the USB Power Adapter that came with the product.

But more often the adapter is inconvenient and unnecessary to carry around, because iPad users can not always find a socket to charge in their time of most need.

That’s why lots of users take Kinkoo Infinite One as a necessary ipad mini portable charger in the outdoors. Except the real 8000mAH massive to charge iPad Mini for 1.5 times, it can also gives the good performance in fast speed charging and the thinnest appearance in its class to fit your hand and pocket.

All in all, a reliable power bank will change your mobile life better, and most of all you will have a good backup power when your computer does not charge iPad Mini well.