If your iPhone can't charge,how to fix it

Have you ever met this situation before: charging the iPhone for about 5 hours but hasn’t even charged to 5%. Sometimes, people may find their iPhone can’t charge even thought there isn’t any damage. In fact, If your iPhone didn’t charge properly, problem comes. If your iPhone can’t charge, how to fix it? Now let’s check the following factors may cause charge disability.


1. Check for Lint

This is a little common problem, sometimes the lint from the pockets was jammed into either the iPhone dock connector or the USB cable. If there has adequate lint, it will not happen that preventing the hardware from connecting normally and thus stopping electricity from reaching the device’s battery. Pay attention to both cable and dock connector for gunk. If you find it, a shot of compressed air is the perfect way to solve this problem.

2. Use high-speed USB ports

If your iPhone stops charge, you should confirm the device is charged in the right place. It is a fact that the iPhone has high power demands, it must be charged with high-speed USB ports. The USB ports that are included on lots of keyboards offer lower power to charge the smartphone. So, if your iPhone stopped charge, you should make sure it’s connected with one of your computer’s USB ports, not the keyboard.

3. Test USB Port

If your iPhone still can’t take a charge although you choose the correct USB port, you need to check whether the USB port itself is broken or not.

To test this, you can try plugging the phone into another USB port on your computer. If the computer does display the information on your iPhone normally, the USB ports that you own may be broken.

4. Use Qualified USB Cable

The problem also may be caused by the USB cable you’re using to connect the iPhone to your computer. You can only test by getting access to another iPhone cable and try using that one instead. If you find your USB cable was broken, you can switch to a brand new qualified one from lots of stores.

5. Test Your Wall Charger

If you always using the wall charger power adapter on the iPhone, it’s possible that the adapter prevent your iPhone from charging. It is similar to the USB cable, the only way you can confirm this is by trying another power adapter and charging your smartphone with that.

6.Check Your Battery

If you have checked the things above but the phone still can’t make a charge, the problem is obviously caused by the broken battery. So a brand new battery replacement is needed on your device.