Juice Up Multiple Devices With These 8 Awesome USB Chargers

As our families grow, so do our device charging needs. Besides of our iPhones, we now have iPads, cameras, Kindles, Bluetooth speakers and more laying around that constantly need to be charged. Thankfully, there are dozens of options to pick from, if you need a spare USB charger.

1. Griffin MultiDock

01-Griffin-MultiDockThis mean and lean charging machine has 10 high-powered USB outputs so you can charge and sync up to 10 power-hungry gadgets at the same time. What’s more, Griffin’s premium-grade charging station intelligently detects the charging characteristics of the smartphone or tablet being charged and adjusts its power flow accordingly.

2. Converge 4-port desktop USB charger

02-Converge desktop usb chargerThe Converge is made to charge up to 4 USB devices simultaneously, and will look great on your table or desk while doing it. It is designed to hide those dangling wires while it is doing its thing.

3. Kinkoo 40W 6-port desktop USB charger

Kinkoo-6-port-desktop-usb-charger-03A category-high 40 watts through six ports lets you charge all your phones, tablets or other devices simultaneously while taking up less space than a wallet (only 4.1 × 2.2 × 0.9in). It has a maximum current output of 8 amps, up to 2.4 amps per port, and intelligent circuitry regulates the power delivered for optimum charging.

4. Leviton Power adapter

04-Leviton power adapterInstead of having a separate USB charger, why not have one built right into the power outlet? This particular model by Leviton features two USB ports with a combined current output of 3.6 amps.

5. Accel Powramid

05-Accel PowramidThe unique shape of this power strip lets you easily plug power adapters and wall warts, while its built-in USB outputs can deliver up to 2.1 amps of current to your mobile gadgets. The built-in surge protector defends your appliances against sudden voltage spikes.

6. HyperJuice Plug

06-HyperMacPlugHow about a gizmo combining a charger and a power bank into one? Here’s the HyperJuice Plug, with its built-in 12000 mAh battery. You can use it to keep your smartphone or tablet charged both with and without a power outlet nearby.

7. Arctic Charger PRO 4 USB charger

07-arctic charger pro 4 usb chargerThe Arctic Charger PRO comes with interchangeable socket plugs so it can be used in most countries around the world. A downside, however, is that only two of its ports are high-powered.

8. Satechi surge protector with USB charger

08-Satechi surge protectorSatechi has this cute and inexpensive surge protector with a built-in, 1-amp USB charger in it. Both the USB port and the plugged-in appliances are protected against electrical spikes, in case you’re wondering.