Keep Fit With Your Smartphone

Kinkoo-portable-android-chargerSomeone joins a gym, and someone hires a personal trainer, but if now you have a smartphone, and with the fitness and dieting apps available on it, healthy living is simpler than you think.

Eat right

Manage your calorie intake and create your own meals and recipes with MyFitnessPal. With the largest food database of any Android calorie counter (more than 3,000,000 foods), it’s easy to track your meals, including all major nutrients and progress reports, customized goals based on your diet profile, a recipe calculator and more.

Get fit

Besides the efficient diet plan, you also need a workout plan to match. Whether you’re hiking up a mountain or biking in your local gym, the Endomondo Sports Tracker tracks the duration, distance, speed and calorie burn during your workout. Though it offers a version at no charge, the PRO version features interval training that lets you choose from three different programs or develop your own and listen to your audio coach to work up a full sweat.

Use accessories

Beyond the fitness apps, your mobile device is transforming the way your gym lets you work out. Wear the Fitbit Flex™ wristband to track your steps, distance covered, calories burned and to keep tabs on your sleep patterns. If you want to keep your phone handy but out of the way while you work out, try the Samsung Gear™ Fit, which monitors your health and keeps you connected to your smartphone. Of course, that’s if your smartphone is always full of power or has portable android charger.

Keep accountable

Keeping fit is much easier said than done. So don’t forget to use your support network of friends and family to keep you accountable. With an all-in-one Snapdragon processor powering your smartphone and designed to keep you connected, friends and family, near and far, can stay connected and help keep you motivated.