How to Keep Smartphone Or Tablet Work In Extreme Cold Days

The impact to digital hardware comes every time unexpectedly just as winter comes unexpectedly every year. Some smartphone manufacturers don’t recommend that their devices be used in cold weather while others guarantee smooth functioning even in temperatures as low as 4 degrees below zero.

Anyhow, when you’re freezing in your hat and scarf and need to use your phone, what you need to know is how to keep your devices work in extreme cold days. Here there are several steps.

To start with, keep the device charged up as cold temperatures can cause the battery to run down more quickly, even when it is cold enough, the smartphone or tablet will think that its battery is empty–even if it’s fully recharged–and shuts down. So, make sure you have a car charger or external battery handy and keep the battery topped up in case you run into trouble on the road.

Kinkoo-external-battery-cold-weatherIn addition, drops in temperature can affect the resilience of your device. As such mobile phones, tablets and laptop computers should be handled with care, as bangs and knocks that wouldn’t normally cause issues can result in screen and chassis cracks. If you’re expecting a prolonged period outdoors, keep your phone in an inside pocket where it can be warmed by your body rather than in a backpack or your car.

And further, here is a chart tested by PCWorld Finland showing how each phone did in cold weather. Note: The temperatures in this chart are in Celsius, not Farenheit, but the relative standings of the phones in the two aspects are interesting (the left is operating temperature that manufactorers recommend, the right is actual test results):

cold phone tests