What Is the Key to Judge A High-quality Power Bank

Kinkoo backup external chargerWith the rise of variety smart devices, we all know that the more reliable power bank, the less frustrating your life. But how to choose a really high-quality one? This is a big problem. Read on.

1. Battery Cell

Generally, the ideal power bank is nothing more than the large capacity, fashion and safety. Cell is the battery, but the use of different batteries, such as 18650 lithium batteries and lithium polymer batteries will have the direct impact on the quality of portable external battery charger.

Simply, they have different shape, small cylinder and made casually shape. Although now available in more than 60% of power banks are also used in 18650, in my opinion, Li-polymer is safer and has longer using life. (Look details on: Power Bank Science: Difference Between Li-ion battery and Li- polymer Battery)

2. PCB Board

PCB Board plays an important role in power bank. Because it is responsible for the power bank conversion efficiency, various protection mechanisms, and the output effect, means that the design of the circuit board work directly determines the output quality of power bank.

For example, it is well known that the voltage of lithium core is 3.7V and the voltage is 5V when we charge the mobile phone. So power bank needs a boosting process. A component called MCU on the PCB plate plays the role of boosting. In the same way, when we want to charge the power bank, 220V should be stepped down to 5V, which is usable voltage for power bank.

But in fact, there are hundreds of power banks in the market, and people can’t judge their quality just from the appearance, so the brand and review is very important. And this is why Kinkoo Infinite One portable power bank earned extensive 5 Stars. Except for its actual 8000mAh juice and elegant user-friendly design, it also has top A+ class Li-polymer battery cell, and high security protection. Besides a clear evidence is that, when use it, you can easily feel that your phone is warm but Infinite One don’t. (Do you notice that wall charger may feel hot during the charging?)