Last-minite Gifts for Those Frequent Flyers and Road Warriors

Kinkoo-power-bank-charger-01A recent poll from Switchfly discovered that more than half of those interviewed (65 percent) said they would be delighted to receive an air travel gift for the holiday, while thirty-five percent of respondents said they’d prefer a gift of a first-class upgrade.

But compared to those complicated items outside the budget of the average traveler, some little gifts may help travelers more efficient. They may improve the flying experience, help someone out of a jam, or just serve as a pleasant perk on a stressful travel day.

Check out the following traveling and tech gifts for the person in your life who is always on the go.

Airport security-friendly toiletries

Frequent travelers have typically had enough of the unreliable proposition of using hotel toiletries, but airport security will remove many of these items from carry-on luggage due to regulations. Give the gift of miniature versions of their favorite brands. Alternately, refillable travel bottles that allow them to top up their products from the standard sized bottles that they likely keep at home.

Power bank charger

With a good quality power bank, you can keep all of your favorite gadgets – including smartphones, tablets, cameras, e-book readers and even wearables full of charge. Such as Kinkoo Infinite One power bank charger, the chargers in market are big enough to offer several charges or even recharge two devices at once! This is an easy favorite among tech gifts for anyone who is hooked on mobile gadgets.

E-book reader

One of the parts of travel that most people don’t enjoy very much is the waiting that they have to do in plane, train, and bus stations, as well as on the vehicles, themselves, as they head toward their destinations. An e-book reader is a traveler’s dream device, as it means that a full library can be stored in one slim little gadget, so they won’t need to choose just one book and they won’t need to worry about running out of reading material.