How To Make Your GoPro Battery Last Longer

There’s nothing worse than having a dead battery, especially if you ever have experienced the sadness that comes with realizing your new HD Hero 3 is dead. I tested its running times and for a fully charged, and I managed to film for 1 hour and 9 minutes before it switched itself off. But I’ve noticed a couple tips to make its battery to last longer:

Kinkoo-extra-battery-for-goproUse a wall charger

A wall charger will give your Gopro battery a way better charge and the charge will also last longer, actually I’ve noticed with some of my test about 30% longer.

Charge the battery with a mobile power bank

Mobile power bank is a best external battery for Gopro when you are out and far away from a wall charger. Besides giving a longer charge, mobile power bank is universal for your other devices, such as phone, tablet, kindle, mp3 and so on.

Charging the battery when it is “Empty”

I normally try to charge the battery only after it dies. There are times however I have charged it from a half or quarter charge. If I have somewhere to be or forgot the night before, I’ll plug it in the mobile power bank until fully charged.

If the battery has been cycled a few hundred times, replace it

Maybe you use the Gopro HD a lot. If you know the battery has been charged over a hundred times, you should start thinking about replacement, and this will ensure your camera last the longest and doesn’t get damaged.

Make sure you have downloaded the latest firmware

GoPro will often release updates to their firmware. Often times this can be and has been related to battery life issues. You should update especially if you want the camera to operate to its full capability.