Maybe You're Using Your Smartphone Wrong

kinkoo-portable-phone-charger-02These days, it’s tough to think of a single person who doesn’t depend on a device based on a rechargeable battery in some form. And that’s why your portable phone charger can be your best friend. But unfortunately, we really have very little understanding of how they work or how we should be treating them to get the most life out of them.

Here shares some of the most common smartphone misunderstandings.

1. Do you think your phone battery has a memory? If so, you’re wrong. You don’t need to “train” it to take the largest amount of charge by waiting until it’s completely dead before recharging. Frequent charging will not hurt the life of lifetime of your device battery.

2. Does your battery require a brand matched charger? While there is a chance that using a wall charger that is off-brand will not provide the optimal charging speed, it doesn’t mean that it will do any harm. As long as it is a fully functioning charger, then you can use whichever one you want without risking your power pack.

3. Does using the internet will run down the battery faster than anything else? Not true, this depends upon what you are using the internet for. If you’re viewing videos through YouTube, online gaming, or doing other graphics-intensive activities, it will drain your battery faster. Sure, if you don’t feel confident with your smartphone battery life, bring a portable phone charger with you.

4. Are you afraid of charging your phone overnight? If so, you’re missing a great opportunity to juice up your device at the time that you are least likely to need it. Most smartphones now have a function built in that will allow them to stop charging once they are fully charged.

5. Do you know the ideal time to charge your phone? For the longest life, plug your phone in when it is between 40 and 80 percent charged.