New USB Cable: Charge Your iPhone 2X Faster

Kinkoo-portable-USB-chargerAs phones get smarter, their battery life gets shorter. Of course, Kinkoo Infinie One 8000mAh portable USB charger can give you enough extra juice, no matter when and where you are. Though it charges quickly and meets users’ needs, its charging speed is subject to the capabilities of USB cable. Now, it could be a bitter faster, a USB charging cable that named DouBBleTime can charge your phone in half the time of traditional USB cable.

Kinkoo infinite one portable chargerRegular USB cables are mostly there for data transfer primarily. Charging your device is actually just a by product of the fact that USB also provides electricity to keep the peripheral powered up.

doubbletime usb cableiYjumeThe trick to DouBBleTime USB cable is a rather simple chip and switch near the micro USB port. They practically tell the computer that the device isn’t interested in syncing data, forcing the computer to give out maximum power output that it can. Of course, the chip also contains an over current protection and short circuit protection to keep your device and the computer from frying. The effect that instead of a two way street of data and power, you get a one way lane that is all taken up by electricity. The result is double the power and half the charging time.

Sounds good, right? This cable is suitable for the PC and Mac, and equipped with Lighting and Micro-USB interface. But the catch is that it isn’t a retail product, at least not yet.